4 Reasons Your Toddler Needs Their Own Learning Board

In a previous blog, I explained how my son just loves his Little Mr. Fix It Learning Board and exactly how it came to be. What I should also share is that his learning board has held up nicely since February of 2021 when it arrived, and I am grateful for the hard work and love that went into creating it. Since then, the learning board has been in my home office. This way, My Little Guy a place to hang out when he wants to in the room.


If you’re a parent looking for ways to keep your busy toddler’s attention focused on fun learning, you could probably use a learning board in your home, too.


Here are 4 reasons why your toddler needs their own learning board:


  1. Make good use of the space in your home - With a learning board, you can easily transform an empty corner of the room to a no-mess activity center.
  2. For the feel of it - Keep your toddler busy developing tactile abilities to handle textures that may be new to them; such as Velcro, repositionable vinyl adhesives, magnets.
  3. Go for variety - A variety of subjects can appear on one board, so the fun can continue in each section of a tri-fold or bi-fold learning board without your child getting bored.
  4. It’s all about the categories, baby – Learning boards make compartmentalizing items into categories a skill that toddlers can visualize in a hands-on way.


Now that I’ve seen My Little Guy enjoy playing with his learning board, and the various ways that it has improved his motor skills and sensory awareness, it’s time for a new board. He’s four years old now, so I need to circle back to the Etsy shop owner that customized the first one.


Who knows, I may be able to convince her to customize one or two more learning boards that are inspired by illustrations in Little Mr. Fix It Assists With The To-Do List. Now that the book is complete and available for purchase, I can share with her more graphics than I was able to provide earlier this year.


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