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For A Book Craft Visit

A fun, interactive, unforgettable experience
writing a legacy book!


Meet The Author

Inspire your Young Readers with a read-aloud of "Little Mr. Fix It Assists With The To-Do List" and a quick lesson how to publish a children's book.

Creative Story Building

Your Young Readers will be guided through a writing exercise to craft their own unique stories and illustrations for creating their own children's books.

Book Craft Activity 

Watch the creativity flow onto the pages as your Young Readers write and illustrate their own children's books to be bound and shared as gifts or keepsakes.

When your group of Young Readers comes together for a Book Craft Visit, they are invited to use the story, "Little Mr. Fix It Assists With The To-Do List," as inspiration to create their own children's books.

In the story, Josiah is eager to spend the day with his dad checking off items on their to-do list. Your Young Readers get to create a version of how they would spend the day and will be given the tools to write and illustrate their own children's books to showcase their creative skills.

You Provide The Space, The Rest Is Provided For Your Group

About The Author

Hi, I'm Micaela S. Benn, and I'm excited to connect with you and your group of Young Readers for a special event you won't soon forget!

As a homeschool mom and children's book enthusiast, I look forward to joining your group as a Surprise Guest and Facilitator. 


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