20 Subjects Toddlers Can Master With The Help Of A Learning Board

If you’re not yet familiar with learning boards for toddlers, know that it is a tool that makes busy minds calm because there is much to hold their attention on a full sheet of bi-fold or tri-fold cardboard.


My son has had one learning board since February of 2020, and now that it’s time to cater to the level of development he has achieved as a four-year old, I have been considering what will be best to customize for him on his next learning board. 


Here are 20 subjects that I have considered for his next learning board. Use this as inspiration for customizing a learning board that your little one can master and pick up new concepts with:

  1. Alphabet Letters
  2. Cartoon Characters
  3. Colors
  4. Foods
  5. Geography
  6. Insects
  7. Instruments
  8. Months
  9. Numbers
  10. Planets
  11. Plants
  12. Professional jobs
  13. Seasons
  14. Shapes
  15. Sight words
  16. Sign Language
  17. Sports
  18. Trees
  19. Vehicles
  20. Word phrases

Now, for me, the brand marketing professional and children’s book author collide, as they usually do. So, I cannot simply make any style of board. Rather, I would like one to exist as an extension of my children's book, Little Mr. Fix It Assists With The To-Do List.

It's a story about a father and son who spend the day together working through home improvement projects. The time that they're in each other's presence is a reminder for busy parents like you and me to create space for our kids to come alongside us, roll up their sleeves, and pitch in. They're often so eager to help out, and like the main character, Josiah, it turns into an adventure that serves as the first of many with his dad.


To keep your little on having fun with learning when they're not in front of a learning board, sign up to receive a free version of Little Mr. Fix It’s Toolkit and other free learning resources for kids ages 3-8 years old here.

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