3 Places To Find Learning Boards For Toddlers

A year ago, I did not know what a learning board was. It turns out, the more I became aware with the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling for PreK, I gained a ton of insight into all things DIY and handcrafted. What I found out is that a learning board can be an essential resource that kept my busy toddler occupied for longer than 10 minutes, and it is a fun way to present several subjects at once without any confusion.


To purchase the next learning board that I will order for my little busy body, the same person who customized the first learning board is guaranteed to get my business a second time. The creator of my board is Niya with Love To Learn Academy, and we connected on Instagram in a direct message in January of 2021. When she reached out to me, I was thrilled and eager to have her create a learning board that complements my children’s book, Little Mr. Fix It Assists With The To-Do List.


By the way, I share details about this whole experience in an earlier blog post. You can check it out here once you’re done reading this one.


But, what if I had not become acquainted with someone who creates customized learning boards? Well, there are other ways to secure learning boards, and here’s where I would go to do that:


3 Places To Find Learning Boards For Toddlers:


  • Etsy – Lots of creators on Etsy have a shop dedicated to interactive learning tools for toddlers. You may have your pick to go with one of their standard set of designs, or do what I did and customize it entirely.


  • TikTok – Lately, I have been obsessed with creating videos for TikTok. To me, TikTok can be so informative, inspirational, and entertaining at the same time that I’ve admittedly been intrigued in ways that I didn't imagine. And no, it's not all about dancing, thank GOODNESS because I'm not doing more than a little shake-shake in the name of content creation, ok? By searching the following hashtags on TikTok, I found dozens of Creators who could customize learning boards for you:
    • Learning board
    • Learning toddler
    • Toddler learning
    • Toddlers of TikTok
    • PreK Learning Board
    • Activities For Kids
    • Fun Learning


  • Do It Yourself – You can make a learning board entirely to your toddler’s specifications by doing it yourself. Materials can be sourced from any crafting store, and as long as you can draw or print the images that you want to include, you could have your own learning board in no time.


Can you think of other places that you might look for a learning board for toddlers? If you can, I’d love to add them to this list to help point more parents in the right direction.


To receive a free version of Little Mr. Fix It’s Toolkit and other free learning resources for kids ages 3-8 years old, here’s a link to download these goodies right now. Check it out and let me know if this blog was helpful.




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